Mexican Silver Jewellery from Taxco

All of our Mexican silver jewellery is handmade, and comes from Taxco in Guerrero. We buy directly from small family businesses and independent designers, handpicking each piece ourselves to ensure a high level of quality, and have input into some of the designs. We strive to select unusual jewellery, choosing original designs in rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and bangles. Take at look at our favourites to get an idea of the variety and different styles we love - we know you’ll love them too!

For more information on who we source our jewellery from, take a look at the collections tab for information on the different Mexican jewellery artisans and designers we buy from.

Our beaded jewellery collection is sourced in Guatemala and is handmade by women's cooperatives around Lake Atitlan.

Taxco's association with silver is centuries old. In 1524, Cortes, the explorer famous for his conquering of the Aztec Empire in Mexico, opened the silver mines in the hills of Taxco after discovering the use the Aztecs had been making of the silver for years.

Although the old silver mines of the colonial days are no longer in operation, silver remains an integral and principal aspect of Taxco and Mexico. The design and handicraft of silver jewellery was first introduced to Taxco in the 1930’s by an American called William Spratling, who is branded as the ‘father of Mexican Silver’.

Spratling began designing silver jewellery in Taxco and as the reputation of his designs grew, so did the handcrafting of beautiful and unique silver jewellery in Taxco, establishing Taxco’s modern day status as one of the principal handmade silver jewellery capitals of the world.

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