Lapis Lazuli Triangular Silver Stud Earrings (13)


Gorgeous pair of handmade Lapis Lazuili stud earrings with a soft triangular shape gracefully set in sterling silver. Lapis Lazuli is a sublime deep blue stone with flecks of gold running through it, adding to its beauty and ancient charm.

Stud is 8mm in length and at widest point.

Guillermo Arregui

Guillermo Arregui Collection

Guillermo originates from Spain and since childhood has been interested in design and nature. In Taxco he became interested in metalwork and studied for four years with metalsmiths at the Artes Pasticas School in order to sharpen his craftsmanship.

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More Information
Weight 1.000000
Materials Lapis Lazuli, Silver, Semi-precious
Type Stud (Earrings)
Style Triangular
Finish Polished
Producer Guillermo Arregui
Dimensions Stud is 8mm in length and at widest point.
Colours Blue, Gold, Silver